New Integrated Tracking Solution is Game-Changer for Time-Critical Shipments

We are thrilled to announce the launch of AirTrace™, the industry’s first solution that integrates GPS tracking capabilities into Airspace’s platform to bring unparalleled real-time visibility into time-critical shipments. Created with customers in mind, AirTrace seeks to solve the most common problem that the time-critical logistics industry currently faces: a major lack of shipment visibility once the package has been tendered to the airline. Errors and delays occur every day with limited visibility for customers, which can result in the decreased viability of an organ for transplant or the delay of a life-saving medical device.

GPS-Tracking You Can Rely On

AirTrace was built with a focus on ease of use. The tracking device used in AirTrace is about the size of a small mobile phone and is placed within the package being shipped. Customers can easily enable AirTrace at the time of order placement by inputting the device ID within our platform. This is how AirTrace monitors the package’s exact location, temperature, humidity, shock, motion, and light exposure in real-time. AirTrace eliminates the need for special labeling, documentation, or a third-party platform. All shipment details, including automated reporting through the AirTrace solution, are located through the Airspace platform.

All too often, delays and errors occur and customers are not notified until it is too late. For example, if an organ is left on the tarmac and not successfully loaded onto the airplane for delivery (a sad and all-too-frequent reality) then it is considered a Failure-To-Load (FTL) and can result in hours of delay for emergency surgery. AirTrace solves this problem by delivering exceptional insight for every time-critical package with detailed shipment monitoring, so our team can take remedial steps to ensure timely delivery. 

“AirTrace is the industry's first fully integrated solution that solves Failure-To-Load problems. It brings together two big puzzle pieces: The original shipment plan, generated by our patented technology, including the package route and estimated time delivery and the actual location of the package at any given time,” said Swarupa Ellamaraju, Airspace’s Head of Product. “This integration helps us detect any deviations in real-time and deploy teams to prevent service failures." 

Buying Peace of Mind

You deserve ultimate visibility and transparency on your time-critical shipments. Airspace customers can have peace of mind knowing their time-critical package is being safely monitored and tracked for potential errors which can be immediately addressed by our dedicated team 24/7. Never worry about FTLs or mismanaged deliveries and get started with AirTrace today!

Want more information? See Airspace CTO Ryan Rusnak explain what makes AirTrace a game-changer for time-critical shipments in this video. Also, be sure to check out our full press release!



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