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Improving the Shipping Process for Time-Critical Human Organs

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) understand the devastating consequences that come with a delayed or failed time-critical organ for transplant delivery. Lives are at stake and a seemingly simple 30-minute delay could be the difference between a successful life-saving surgery or the loss of a life. The industry norm of time-critical shipments lacking transparency, visibility, and speed has become widely accepted for many companies – but this cannot continue to be a reality.

5 Reasons You Need an Integrated GPS Tracking Solution for Your Time-Critical Shipments

We recently announced the launch of our industry-first, fully-integrated GPS tracking solution, AirTrace™. Our new tracking solution integrates directly with the Airspace platform to provide unparalleled real-time visibility into time-critical shipments. AirTrace seeks to solve the most common problem that the time-critical logistics industry currently faces: a major lack of shipment visibility once the package has been tendered to the airline.

Reducing Costly Mismanaged Time-Critical Aerospace Shipments

In our recently published white paper, How High-Tech Logistics Saves the Aerospace Industry Time, Money, and Headaches, we detail the critical nature of aerospace shipments and the common shipping challenges that plague the aerospace industry. With aerospace, aviation, and airline professionals in mind, we discuss how automation can help revolutionize important shipments – such as aircraft on the ground (AOG), maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), and OEM – with improved speed, transparency, and communication. This in-depth report highlights how technology has optimized aerospace logistics to solve inefficiencies that have been prevalent in the industry for decades.

Deep Dive: How Does Time-Critical Shipping Work in Healthcare?

When it comes to shipping and delivering time-critical packages, it’s important to understand the urgency of what exactly is being shipped. Each package differs depending on the industry and all are equally important, but what exactly is being shipped when it comes to the time-critical healthcare industry? The healthcare industry is unique in the fact that stakeholders drive the need for this service more so than the product itself. The time-critical packages that are shipped range from organs for transplant, medical devices, specimen samples, and MRI and CT scanners – and all have the ability to save someone’s life. Here, we dive into the key differentiators of time-critical shipping within the healthcare industry and what healthcare professionals should look for when choosing a time-critical logistics provider.

Q&A with Airspace’s COO Ben Kozy and SVP Alex Coates on Company Growth and Service Expansion

Airspace is the leader in time-critical logistics – with industry-first patented technology, unmatched speed, and a dedicated operations team behind every shipment. In a recent press release, members of our senior leadership team – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ben Kozy, and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Alex Coates – gave insight into how the company plans to leverage our proprietary technology now, and in the future. In Part I of this three-part series, we sat down with Kozy and Coates to take a deeper dive into our plans for expansion, strategic collaboration, and what’s to come for Airspace!

New Integrated Tracking Solution is Game-Changer for Time-Critical Shipments

We are thrilled to announce the launch of AirTrace™, the industry’s first solution that integrates GPS tracking capabilities into Airspace’s platform to bring unparalleled real-time visibility into time-critical shipments. Created with customers in mind, AirTrace seeks to solve the most common problem that the time-critical logistics industry currently faces: a major lack of shipment visibility once the package has been tendered to the airline. Errors and delays occur every day with limited visibility for customers, which can result in the decreased viability of an organ for transplant or the delay of a life-saving medical device.

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