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Airspace Teams with Alaska Air Cargo for Urgent Shipments

We are excited to be working with Alaska Air Cargo to support our time-critical shipments. As one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers, their service and responsiveness are unattainable at other large companies. Since 2016 — when the initial partnership between Alaska and Airspace began — we have completed 3,000 shipments and counting.

Happy Thanksgiving from Airspace

It takes a whole ecosystem to keep Airspace up and running - from the airlines to the Airspace Commanders to our partners - we are so thankful for you all! Even through a pandemic, we have still been able to accomplish so much and reach astounding goals. This Thanksgiving, Airspace has so much to be thankful for - and it is all due to everyone's incredible support.

A Courier Lost Your Shipment: What Happened?

Courier services are an excellent way to send important packages from one location to another in a short period of time. Most often, a package is placed in the care of a courier company with the expectation that it will reach the destination on-time and in good condition. However, there are times when a package gets lost. For most companies that offer time-sensitive courier services, the loss is never deliberate, and they will do their best to locate the package and deliver it to the destination. Unfortunately, any delay or lost package may spell disaster. Imagine if a heart that needs to be transported to a donor recipient is delayed or disappears in transit?

How the Right Courier Partner is Crucial to Medical Device Organizations

The surgery is scheduled for 9 am sharp. The patient was in a car accident only a couple of hours ago and requires surgery immediately. The surgeons are prepared, the family is in the waiting room praying that their loved one will be okay, and the medical device representative gets to work. With advancements in technology, specific medical devices now exist that save lives and repair bodies. The surgeons can focus on performing a successful surgery and not worry about the technology.

How Airspace Continues to Overcome Historical Industry Challenges

Logistics is known for being an extremely antiquated industry: Aircraft parts are shipped to the wrong hangars; human organs for transplant are transported without tracking capabilities; medical devices worth thousands of dollars are being put on the wrong aircraft. The industry handles the most important shipments, and delays are costly and sometimes, deadly.

Airspace Technologies: We Are Growing & Loving It!

Airspace is incredibly excited to announce the completion of our new office space in Carlsbad, California. Airspace enlisted the unmatched services of Ware Malcomb, an award-winning international design firm, to create the perfect space that gives employees a brand new home in a creative office environment. Being a technology-enabled logistics service provider, Airspace is all about collaboration, so the open-concept space that Ware Malcomb created is perfect for our unique needs.

As Airspace continues to grow rapidly, a new office was necessary to continue to support our customers in the most impactful way possible. The finished 23,000 square foot interior gives our employees a productive space to support all of their work needs. With three distinct departments, Ware Malcomb designed a neighborhood layout that allows each team to work, collaborate, and focus. The centrally located reception, boardroom, and break area provide a hub for employees to circulate amongst departments, while also providing a welcoming environment for our visitors.

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