Q&A with Airspace’s COO Ben Kozy and SVP Alex Coates on Company Growth and Service Expansion

Airspace is the leader in time-critical logistics – with industry-first patented technology, unmatched speed, and a dedicated operations team behind every shipment. In a recent press release, members of our senior leadership team – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ben Kozy, and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Alex Coates – gave insight into how the company plans to leverage our proprietary technology now, and in the future. In Part I of this three-part series, we sat down with Kozy and Coates to take a deeper dive into our plans for expansion, strategic collaboration, and what’s to come for Airspace!

How has the growth of the company helped Airspace, and specifically the strategic team, to position the company to serve additional industries? 

Coates: Airspace originally found traction in several industries with extremely high bars for service and speed: Aerospace, Organ Procurement, and Lab Work. Over the past few years, we have grown at a blistering pace, serving blue-chip customers such as LabCorp, Frontier, and American Red Cross. This growth in such a high-pressure environment and with such high-profile customers has helped us in three key ways, [highlighted in these quick slides]:


At the end of the day, success fuels success, and growth fuels growth, and our partners – both customers and investors – are helping accelerate Airspace's meteoric rise!

In addition to expanding industries served, what kind of growth can Airspace supporters (current U.S./international customers, drivers, partners, etc.) expect to see in the future?

Coates: Airspace will continue to expand services to address the needs of time-critical shippers across the globe. We opened our first international office in Europe in Q4 of 2020 and have seen tremendous reception and adoption from customers in Europe. We are focused on those two geographies (Europe and North America) today but Ben [Kozy] and his team are rapidly putting in place the foundations for us to service additional geographies in the immediate future.

We are also expanding our service lines – specifically focused on addressing our customers’ needs with shipping heavier, bulkier items. And as we expand into new industries and geographies, more customers look to Airspace to provide the speed, reliability, and transparency of our platform for shipments of all sizes. 

Kozy: We've also been serving more and more of our customers on their charter and hand-carry needs. Given these service lines are as time-critical as it gets, there’s no surprise customers are turning to Airspace to meet their deadlines and couple that with our unrivaled tech-enabled transparency.

Coates: Also, we will continue to drive growth in the platform itself. We are constantly rolling out new features to improve visibility, tracking, reporting, and centralization of data for our customers. Our goal is for anyone to be able to ship any sensitive package, regardless of size or handling requirements anywhere in the world and we are rapidly making that goal a reality.

At Airspace, we’re always looking for new ways to innovate and strive to provide time-critical logistics services to the industries that need it most. With our continued growth and service expansion, we promise to continue providing unparalleled speed and real-time visibility on every crucial shipment. Stay tuned for more exciting information and answers from our COO and SVP of Strategy!

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