Reducing Costly Mismanaged Time-Critical Aerospace Shipments

In our recently published white paper, How High-Tech Logistics Saves the Aerospace Industry Time, Money, and Headaches, we detail the critical nature of aerospace shipments and the common shipping challenges that plague the aerospace industry. With aerospace, aviation, and airline professionals in mind, we discuss how automation can help revolutionize important shipments – such as aircraft on the ground (AOG), maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), and OEM – with improved speed, transparency, and communication. This in-depth report highlights how technology has optimized aerospace logistics to solve inefficiencies that have been prevalent in the industry for decades.

Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer, maintenance operator, or running an airline’s AOG desk, you know that every second a plane isn’t in the air, money is being lost at an incredibly rapid rate. Traditionally, the process for shipping time-critical aerospace goods lacks transparency and real-time tracking which can result in costly delays. While this may be the norm, it’s time to break away – you can achieve ultimate shipment visibility and GPS tracking on every shipment by incorporating technology and automation into your crucial shipments.

Eliminate Human Error with Advanced Technology

The shipping process for time-critical aerospace parts relies on various people to manually input updates, communicate the status of an order, and ensure any errors or delays are addressed as soon as possible. However, delays and miscommunication are more likely to occur because of this time-consuming method. The industry standard to dispatch a driver is 15 to 45 minutes and the standard for a driver to arrive on-site to pick up a shipment is 60 to 90 minutes – and that doesn’t even include drop-off timing! Plus, it is imperative that every customer receives real-time communication and is alerted of a potential delay.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:


  • Current roadblocks the industry faces
  • The time-critical nature of aerospace shipments
  • Utilizing automation for full transparency and real-time tracking
  • How technology empowers better service and 24/7 support

Don’t let manual shipping processes get in the way of your time-critical shipments. Learn how to efficiently ship your aerospace packages without the hassle – download your complimentary copy of our white paper today!



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