Reflections from AviationWeek's MRO Americas 2018

I was recently at AviationWeek's MRO Americas trade show in Orlando FL. I had the opportunity to speak with people from different areas of the supply chain regarding aviation logistics. We were exhibiting our service for the first time, and, to be blunt, it took a moment for us to gain traction with the attendees. There was a pivotal point where we decided to take our laptops around the massive exhibit hall to meet with customers and prospects in person.

We quickly realized that by making ourselves mobile, we were instantaneously disrupting the standard process at a trade show. Obviously, there are attendees at these shows that walk around discussing their services and offerings, but it is a rarity that someone could bring their service to your desk and show someone in complete detail what you offer and walk away in less than 5 minutes. Yet, that is what we did.

Compare this experience to the time-critical logistics market. You'll start to see a lot of similarities. Through our process, we enable customers, their customers, and their customer's customers, access to information no matter their location.

If a company was a booth, and our team (walking around the exhibit hall) was our system, it would be the same story. We take real-time information and communicate with the correct stakeholders.


"There is only one truth when it comes to where your freight is and what's happening to it. And, we bring that to you." - Bill Hale.

When you purchase an item on Amazon, they not only deliver it and offer you a POD, but they offer you the option to see a picture of it sitting on your doorstep. If you select this feature, you are choosing absolute truth regarding your package's location and when it has arrived.

How Amazon Changed The Last Mile Delivery Industry

At Airspace, we are bringing that same transparency to Next Flight Out logistics. Thus, eliminating the all to often used, room for interpretation when communication with stakeholders. From ground level visibility on our commanders to shareable tracking links you can share with third-party stakeholders, we enable all parties involved to maintain constant and consistent notifications on your products as they move throughout the nation.


The final frontier, expedited transportation, is finally joining the age of the consumer.

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