Reflections From CLMA: Do You Have Visibility Into Your Clinical Samples?

If there is one word to describe the energy that surrounded the Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA) this year, it’s enthusiasm. I use the term enthusiasm, rather than a bland mix of “passion” because it highlights an array of adjectives that cover the multiple personas attending the conference.

Obsession, craze, mania, spirit, and animation are all words that can describe the energy of the conversations, sessions, and people dedicated to making this industry thrive. Innovation was the theme. CLMA fostered meetings and exhibits of a diverse group of professionals sharing ideas about how to streamline the laboratory processes from conception of specimen samples to the final mile delivery of these life-altering products.

Providing Next Flight Out or On-Demand Logistics for these clinical labs, we feel the passion and energy of all the attendees. The success of the transportation process dramatically impacts the laboratory, the hospitals, and the patient. With that being said, how important is clear transparency on all samples, medical devices, specimens being transported from the pickup to final delivery?! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

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From the resounding feedback we received at our booth, it is clear to me how important the transportation piece fits into this community. Pairing geofencing capabilities on Commander’s mobile phone through applications, we can alert laboratories of incoming samples at a set distance allowing technicians the ability to schedule their routine around what specimen are in route.

Before having this technology, labs conduct a reactive approach to their inbound materials. Often, they don’t know when a specimen will be late until it is after the quoted delivery time or have zero information into who is delivering their sample or where that person is currently located. This creates an overlap in staffing and a reduction in productivity when they cannot accurately predict the arrival times of their materials.

What about all the external stakeholders who are concerned about the validity of the tests and the outcome? How critical is the awareness and success of the transportation to their samples? How do they stay included? Real-time, data-driven information is the answer.

At Airspace Technologies, we offer visibility into a shipment’s exact location through a couple of unique avenues: web-based notifications, a mobile app to track shipments, email-based notifications, and shareable tracking links. These transparent notifications not only keeping your lab aware but your customers who are awaiting these lab results. Would you rather them call you and email you every hour for an update on the delivery of their tests or share a link that can give them the same clear transparency you have?



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