Stranded on Stanford University Hospital’s Helipad: How I Got a Broken Down COVID-19 Air Ambulance Off the Ground Within Hours

From Retired to the Frontline, I’m Now Part of the Action Putting Life-Saving Emergency Transport Back in Service


OAKLAND, Calif. – April 8, 2020 – At 61, I’m all but retired. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, I find myself on the frontline. When word came of an urgent delivery to Stanford University Hospital in the late afternoon, I left my wife and two children at home to do what I could in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

I work in my free time for Airspace Technologies, a California-based tech startup specializing in aerospace parts and organ deliveries. In recent days, I’m handling coronavirus test kits – collecting them directly from hospitals and moving them quickly to labs for analysis.

As less planes are flying and the pandemic spreads in this Bay Area community, I’ve witnessed first-hand the rapidly rising demand for urgent medical deliveries while the aerospace parts delivery business has slimmed.

As part of Airspace’s expansive team of independent drivers, I was surprised when I was contacted with an urgent request: can you help get an urgent item to the hospital as soon as you can?

Sensing the urgency of the times, I accepted the task within moments without knowing exactly how large a role it would play. I was surprised when I picked up a cardboard box at the Oakland Airport instead of the usual lab specimen, tissue or organs I transport to hospitals. From reading the box, I was further perplexed when I recognized the package as an aerospace part instead.

As I arrived at the hospital, I was struck by the mass of nurses and medical personnel working the parking lot and directing traffic to the entrance. The nervous expressions and looks of despair from healthcare workers along the way didn’t deliver the same stinging sensation they first did. After weeks of collecting kits, samples and tissue for urgent testing from hospitals, I recognized the fatigue and uncertainty on their faces with a calm regularity.

Arriving two hours earlier than expected, I called my point of contact who was still over an hour away. After some coordination with the engineer and hospital staff, I handed over the critical part for the medevac helicopter stranded on Stanford University Hospital’s roof to a nurse instead – helping get the lifesaving equipment back in the air ahead of schedule.

About Airspace Technologies

Based in Carlsbad, CA, Airspace Technologies has leveraged innovation and technology to build a robust network of reliable urgent deliveries servicing some of the most time-sensitive industries from healthcare to aerospace.

Through a breakthrough automated software platform, Airspace is connecting people to facilitate the urgent deliveries that have the biggest impact – whether it’s through a qualified driver or the very next flight out. Airspace brings together technology, people and services to save lives and keep industry moving.

Airspace’s time-sensitive organ and tissue deliveries can mean the difference between life and death, and help keep healthcare costs low for some of the most vulnerable populations. Airspace’s aerospace business helps keep the state and national economy moving, avoiding industry-crippling standstills that leave people and the goods and services they rely on stranded.

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