The Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Healthcare Logistics

Globally, we see a shift in our lifespan: millennials are expected to live longer than before. Some studies suggest that they will reach 100 or 110 years old. Many factors contribute to this longevity. Scientists and researchers are performing highly advanced technologic research and genomic testing to determine what factors are impacting the human life expectancy. These advancements in science and medicine have doubled our life expectancy in the past century.

Many of these genomic sequencing and cell therapy require precise processing and are sensitive. Because Pathology, the study of disease, services are involved in 70% of all healthcare diagnoses, adequate scaling must be available for Hospitals, Clinics, and Testing Facilities. The Pathology sector is expected to increase 6.8% annually through 2020. 

Greater automation will be needed to maintain the increased volume of routine and specialized testing that laboratories are required to conduct. The consensus in the scientific community is that a logistics based hub-and-spoke model is needed. The "hub" would act as the primary location for testing with a higher number of necessary, routine tests. The hub would be the leading laboratory or testing facility in each region. 

With the hub acting as the primary location for testing, the spokes would need a way to transport their vials testing purposes. Due to sensitive nature and shelf-life of these vials, the facilities would benefit from partnering with a tech-enabled, time-critical logistics provider. The courier must be able to handle the specimen with care while protecting the integrity of the product, providing real-time visibility, and meet all medical requirements. Reducing the transit time will be necessary as well. 

By reducing the amount of time it takes to dispatch a driver and pick the vials up from the spoke, the laboratory will receive the sample faster and provide a healthier specimen to test. 

How technology and a network of dedicated drivers impact healthcare logistics

The proprietary software was created out of a need to improve the logistics experience from end-to-end. This technology can immediately advance and allow client's real-time visibility into their shipments location. When pairing the technology with a TSA compliant, dedicated direct-to-driver model, Airspace can offer the hub the technology to accurately staff their employees based on incoming volume. And, the spokes would have access to the driver's information.

Do you have your eyes on the pie when it comes to your logistics provider?



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