The Impact of Invoicing in 2020

The advantages of working at the speed of Airspace 


When we talk about how technology inside logistics can help businesses, it doesn't normally have to do with the financial side. But there are some very real financial benefits, like greatly improved cash flow.


In the time-critical space of logistics, anything that saves time is extremely beneficial. Airspace's technology isn't just used to save time in shipping. We use it in every single aspect of our business, even finance and invoicing. 


Clearly, cash(flow) is king


Improved cash flow means more cash to reduce debt, market more aggressively, hire, launch new products or acquire new technology platforms that drive automation and efficiency … these are all old-fashioned benefits produced by the ‘new-fashioned’ technology at Airspace. 


The way technology can accelerate financing and invoicing is a good example of the practicality of the tech approach. Technology provides customers the ability to generate a “proof of delivery” instantaneously when the delivery occurs. This drives a much faster billing process, which means our customers get paid much faster. 


How much faster? Traditional logistics providers can take weeks to produce a proof of delivery. Sometimes they bundle and mail them to their customers. This is … well, it’s kind of crazy, considering that this isn’t the 1980s anymore. Faxes? Snail mail? No thank you. 


But there’s more


The advantages of our technology also extend far behind cash flow to accurate, proactive notifications of when packages are going to be picked up when they will be delivered, whether any issues might hold them up – weather? traffic? – and everything else in the logistics chain. 


But our customers tell us time and again, improvements in cash flow are greatly appreciated.


So in essence, our technology – which was built from the ground up to be fast, forward-looking, automated to a great degree and accurate – helps our customers close out the books on shipping nearly instantly. The more efficient the process, the better the cash flow. It’s as simple as that …thanks to Airspace Technologies’ solid technology foundation.


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