The Life-Threatening Reality of Time-Critical Shipping Delays

We’re pleased to share that we have launched a new white paper, How to Optimize Critical Medical Deliveries to Save More Lives, which details the overwhelming statistics and various scenarios that can occur when time-critical deliveries are mismanaged. With Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO) in mind, Airspace created this white paper to show the importance of time-critical shipping and the devastating consequences of failed deliveries.

In an antiquated industry lacking communication and overall delivery visibility, delays and errors are more likely to occur. Even a seemingly simple delay can result in the decreased viability of an organ or specimen and increase the potential loss of a life. While these may be historically acceptable problems in the industry, in this white paper, Airspace shares how it is possible to minimize delays and potential errors to ensure the successful transportation of time-critical and precious packages.

Ditch the Status Quo

If you’re part of an OPO or have experienced issues in critical shipping, then you understand that time and visibility are some of the most crucial factors in a successful delivery. Shippers should get complete visibility and real-time notifications, so they are notified every time the shipment changes hands. From the initial quoting, routing, and dispatching a driver, shippers should have full transparency and be able to anticipate any potential delays to deter an ineffective delivery.

In this white paper, readers can expect to learn:


  • Why delays still happen when it comes to the delivery of time-sensitive shipments
  • Examples of how the lack of visibility in shipping results in serious consequences
  • The power of technology and the role of machine learning for optimal shipping
  • Ways to anticipate delivery delays and proactively solve problems in real-time
  • The revolutionized process that ensures the safe and fast transport of medical deliveries

Have you experienced, firsthand, the consequences of a delayed time-critical shipment? Are you curious about the statistics surrounding organ transplant deliveries? If you answered yes, then download our white paper, and be sure to check out our infographic below!





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