The Robots Aren’t Coming; They’re Already Here...and Airspace Technologies Knows How to Put Them to Work

In many warehouses, for example, robotic machines find packages and load them onto trucks for delivery. This is great for logistics and shipping companies that actually have the technology to take advantage of new technologies like this.

Unfortunately, most don’t. They still rely on phone calls, label makers and paper or, at best, antiquated technology. Remember the fax machine? It may still have a place, but not in logistics and shipping, and especially not in the time-critical space.

The key to taking advantage of automation and other breakthrough technologies in part lies with enabling machines to talk to machines meaning being able to instantly share information. Precisely when did the robots finish at the loading dock? Is the driver’s route clear? Did the package make it through the cargo desk and on to the aircraft on time? With the right technology, this information is automatically relayed to the shipping company and the end customer/receiver automatically and in real-time.

That’s why going from digital warehousing to analog shipping doesn’t get the job done.

The right technology means proactive, real-time notifications and instantaneous access to data saved in the cloud. This enables a better user and customer experience while saving on ‘hard’ and ‘soft costs.’ For example, mechanics can assess a broken machine, order their parts, and continue to work on fixing the broken part while receiving notifications on when the shipment will arrive: all in real-time. Talk about reducing the number of hours a machine is not operational.

There’s a reason we named our company Airspace Technologies

We invested a lot of money and effort into making sure we were ahead in the technology race – not so we could write great articles on blockchain, geo-fencing and APIs, but so we drive the fundamental change needed in the time-critical logistics industry. We use artificial intelligence and neural networks to ensure our system is constantly learning and updating information such as on-time flight departures, average wait times at cargo desks, traffic patterns and more.

At Airspace, we wrap our technology around the challenges within time-critical shipments and provide end-to-end visibility from the time that the order is placed all the way through proof of delivery. The advancements of technology inside a warehouse is crucial to the logistics industry as a whole. Airspace has the ability to automatically bridge our proprietary technology and a warehouse TMS system to provide a best in class solution for the customer. 

Inside our office, we have a saying: we use technology to let our expert staff do what humans are good at and let the machines do what the machines are good at. 

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