The Severe Implications of Mismanaged Medical Specimen Shipments

In our recently published white paper, How to Prevent Costly Delays for Time-Critical Medical Specimen Shipments, we detail the current challenges labs and hospitals face when using manual shipping processes and the costly, sometimes life-threatening, implications associated with avoidable shipping delays. With hospitals, labs, and healthcare systems in mind, this report highlights the importance of time-critical shipping and the various challenges a delayed or failed shipment can create. You’ll also read about how one national lab improved shipping transparency and efficiency which led to fewer delays, an increase in patient satisfaction, and ultimately success. 

When using an outdated and manual process that lacks transparency and real-time communication, delays and errors for time-critical deliveries are more common than one may realize. Common issues associated with the manual shipping process include lost shipments, missed pickups, and difficulty tracking. A seemingly minor mistake can result in the decreased viability of a medical specimen which means a longer wait for important test results or a missed opportunity to save a life. While these may be traditionally accepted industry norms, there are solutions available with technology-driven quoting and routing, faster driver dispatch, and faster specimen pickup.

Step Into the 21st Century 

If you’ve experienced the various implications of a delayed or failed shipment, then you understand that timeliness and visibility into the shipment play a crucial role in the success of a delivery. A mismanaged medical shipment can introduce a number of problems including a damaged company reputation, financial implications from loss of business and retesting specimens, and potential misdiagnoses or lives lost. It’s important that each customer has complete visibility and open communication to avoid or correct possible delays that may occur due to traffic, weather, or delayed flights.

In this new white paper you’ll discover:


  • Why medical shipments get delayed and the implications of delayed medical testing
  • The risks from the lack of visibility into time-critical medical specimen shipments
  • An example of how one national lab solved critical STAT delays
  • How transparency and technology can ensure on-time deliveries

Have you experienced the devastating consequences of a delayed shipment? Do you want to stay informed on the solutions available to avoid mismanaged time-critical deliveries? If so, then download our new white paper and see for yourself the difference between manual and automated shipping!



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