Top 3 Ways to CYA When Shipping Tissue

Many research organizations and universities that offer diverse information or courses in life-sciences often need human tissues for their experiments. The tissue specimens used in the discovery of new drugs and their developmental processes must be high-quality to fit the timelines for pre-clinical testing.

For tissue specimen to remain viable for use in research, it is important that it is preserved well, especially if it is to be shipped to another location. For shipping companies that deal in time critical shipments, transporting tissue is usually considered high-risk and should always be handled with the utmost care. It is for this reason that such shipping companies do their best to have policies to ensure that they are not caught off-guard in the case of a crisis.

Some of the best ways to ensure that your time critical deliveries are successful include.

Use NFO shipping

Although same day organ shipping services are considered the best option for shipping tissue, it is better to use next flight out services. These services ensure that tissue reaches its destination within the shortest amount of time and eliminates any chance of degrading its value.  In case a delivery can only be done the next day, storage must include refrigeration. Companies must also ensure that the preservation process is done well so that the organ or tissue does not start to degrade in transit.

Follow the International Shipping Guidelines

Most time critical life science deliveries are delivered by air, thus making it important that they meet the standards of preparation and shipping that are accepted internationally. These guidelines are displayed on the IATA website for shipping companies that transport tissue specimens for various clients. The two most important guidelines are that specimens must be stored at low temperatures and shipped in batches or individually on dry ice. Also, tissues must be transported on the same day they are collected under appropriate temperatures.

Use an Automated Shipping System

The majority of tissue shipments need to be delivered quickly to remain viable. To ensure that the specimens remain viable, it is important that they be shipped immediately using the shortest route possible. Mobile applications allow you and your clients to track their packages and ensure that they get to their destination on time.

In general, policies are important for shipping companies that want to deliver quality services to their customers while encountering minimal or no risks.



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