Top Technologies in 2017 for Streamlining Your Supply Chain

An inefficient and poorly functioning supply chain can negatively impact every aspect of an organization. Here are three key technologies that will help you re-evaluate current processes and performance.

  1. Cloud Based Systems Aggregate all your data/information in the cloud for ease of access and transparency throughout your organization. Integrate with various applications that source data/information from the cloud through the use of APIs.

  1. Mobile “Mobile adoption has reduced operational costs by 37%” -VDC Research. Large organizations take time to make changes. Integrating mobile applications is the simplest form for unanimous streamline activity, with new technology and uniformity across the entire organization.
  2. IOT The new age of technology is moving from globalization of communication to streamlining communication of daily objects the consumer regularly interacts with. Alexa from Amazon is a key example of the new age of IOT, connecting regular household items to the user’s voice. Eliminating the search engine process on the consumer side, to atomizing it via voice integration where the technology learns on its own.

Through this adaptation, C-level executives can spend more time thinking/planning on growth and future projections than daily searches, manually learning about new topics. Alexa is only the beginning. Think about J.A.R.V.I.S. from the movie Iron Man. His access to the digital world allowed for Robert Downey Jr to expedite his research and projects of developing his Iron Man suit. Integrate this into a fortune 500 organization today in 2017 and see how exponentially fast they expand and grow.



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