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9 Ways to Transport Your Time-Critical Shipments

Time-critical shipments rely on speed, accuracy, and dependable transportation to ensure they are delivered on time and without hassle. Whether you’re shipping a critical aircraft part, medical specimens, high-tech components, or organs for transplant, having multiple ways to transport these time-critical goods is important. Some items may require special – and potentially multiple –  means of transportation. Knowing all of your options is crucial when deciding how to transport time-critical shipments. 

Improving the Shipping Process for Time-Critical Human Organs

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) understand the devastating consequences that come with a delayed or failed time-critical organ for transplant delivery. Lives are at stake and a seemingly simple 30-minute delay could be the difference between a successful life-saving surgery or the loss of a life. The industry norm of time-critical shipments lacking transparency, visibility, and speed has become widely accepted for many companies – but this cannot continue to be a reality.

5 Reasons You Need an Integrated GPS Tracking Solution for Your Time-Critical Shipments

We recently announced the launch of our industry-first, fully-integrated GPS tracking solution, AirTrace™. Our new tracking solution integrates directly with the Airspace platform to provide unparalleled real-time visibility into time-critical shipments. AirTrace seeks to solve the most common problem that the time-critical logistics industry currently faces: a major lack of shipment visibility once the package has been tendered to the airline.

3 Important Lessons COVID-19 Taught Time-Critical Logistics Providers

Over a year ago, the coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt. The disruption put a lot of strain and uncertainty on the time-critical logistics industry. With grounded flights, businesses operating remotely, and the human toll, we entered a world we had never experienced before. However, the importance of time-critical shipments remained and it forced logistics providers to adapt in order to continue providing reliable service. Industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing still required same-day deliveries for critical circumstances such as emergency surgery or a missing or damaged airplane part. Here, we outline what you should expect from time-critical logistics providers along with the lessons learned while operating during a pandemic.

VIDEO: Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose Airspace

At Airspace, our goal is to provide transportation for time-critical and precious packages as quickly and efficiently as possible from virtually anywhere around the globe. With our customers’ needs in mind, we break the status quo of industry standards through our proprietary technology, faster delivery times, and our transparent and communicative process. In this piece, we walk through the top reasons customers continue to choose Airspace as their go-to time-critical logistics service.

Logistics Companies on the Frontlines

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world and has managed to successfully revolutionize the direct-to-consumer shipping process. During the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon and other logistics companies are doing a lot to support those on the frontline and supply individuals with essentials. As Amazon focuses on delivering e-commerce and essential materials, Airspace is also supporting crucial businesses through mission-critical shipments.

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