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Breaking Down An AOG

If you want to make money with an airplane, you have to keep the airplane in the air. Every time an airplane is grounded it is extremely costly for the owner or airline.

AOG (Air is a term used in the Aerospace industry when a mechanical problem in an aircraft makes the plane unsafe for flying. According to a recent study, smaller airlines dealing with AOG situations can lose north of $20,000 a day, while larger airlines in Western countries with AOG’s often can cost up to $150,000 an hour.

The current cost for a new Boeing 777 fluctuates from $261.5 Million to $320.2 Million depending on the model that you choose. The average dry lease (only plane without crew) cost for the Boeing 787-9 ranges between $1.1 Million and $1.25 Million a month or over $36,000 a day. This does not take into account the cost of maintenance/parts or the revenue airlines are missing out on from customers.

As you can see, the Aerospace industry is a high stakes game and getting whatever part that is keeping the plane on the ground to the air plane as fast as possible is of the highest importance.

What is Next Flight Out Shipping?

Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping is one of the quickest options for sending and receiving cargo today. The concept of NFO is to make sure that you are able to move goods over longer distances faster. The element of speed is one of the main features of NFO and enables people to order and receive cargo over long distances much faster. In order to satisfy the growing customer needs in the time critical logistics industry, service providers have added various features and provisions in NFO.

The Dangers of AOGs to the Aerospace Industry

Have you ever wondered what happens when an aircraft carrying passengers or supplies is grounded due to mechanical issues?

What is a Direct To Driver Model?

Direct to driver model refers to dealing directly with the courier provider and not a middleman. When heavily involved in time-critical shipments, utilizing the direct to driver model can save time and money. 

How Technology Has Improved NFO

Any time you need to ship something overseas that is time-critical, it is usually a little more complicated compared to shipping to another city within your country. You don’t have many alternatives available to you such as next-day or same-day service. The best option is to look for a next flight out courier service or time-critical service provider that offers NFO (Next Flight Out) shipping. When you need to ship goods over a long distance, you should look for an air delivery service that will get your goods to their destination in the shortest time possible. We live in a world where expedited shipping is of utmost importance. When you call a freight forwarder like Airspace, you know that your products are in good hands. They can be delivered via air or by truck depending on your company’s needs.

Who Can Benefit from the Visibility of Shipments in Transit?

Visibility in any supply chain is vital. Every manufacturer is working tirelessly to maintain good supply chain management services for secure tracking and visibility. Visibility lowers risks, saves money, improves customer satisfaction, improves service delivery, and streamlines transportation services. Visibility in logistics can benefit various types of groups, including the following:  

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