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Uber Freight: What You Need to Know...

We all know Uber. We know it’s efficient and it does a relatively good job of being transparent. That is, when we request a ride, it keeps us informed about when it will arrive and how much it will cost. But how will it work for trucking and logistics? Will that efficiency scale and translate?

FedEx and Amazon... What's Next After the Big Breakup?

We’ve said it before and we’ll happily and respectfully say it again …

Amazon is clearly one of the world’s premier retail companies in large part because it revolutionized e-commerce. And, let’s face it, Amazon has forced many changes in logistics and the delivery business – which brings us to the recent FedEx announcement that it will no longer handle ground deliveries for Amazon.

Why are Design Principles Important to Critical Logistics?


Every other Friday we take a few minutes to share another way our user-centered design process helps us inject the voice-of-the-customer into our company culture, and improve the Airspace Platform.

Logistics For A Green World? You Bet Your Carbon Footprint!

Here at Airspace Technologies, green isn't a trend, and it's not a marketing gimmick intended to polish our brand. It's built-in, part of our DNA – and the proof is in the efficiency. The more efficient and 'lean' a company can run, the greener it will be.

Human Touch in Technology Driven Logistics

The sweet rewards of human touch in a technology-driven world

Here at Airspace Technologies, we believe – and our results prove – that we are the most technology-forward company in the industry. As helpful as that is, it’s not the entire story. There’s another side we’ve also worked very hard to establish and enhance: the human side.

Last-Mile Robots... Coming Soon?

The robots are coming. Well, maybe. We’ll know soon


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