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The Severe Implications of Mismanaged Medical Specimen Shipments

In our recently published white paper, How to Prevent Costly Delays for Time-Critical Medical Specimen Shipments, we detail the current challenges labs and hospitals face when using manual shipping processes and the costly, sometimes life-threatening, implications associated with avoidable shipping delays. With hospitals, labs, and healthcare systems in mind, this report highlights the importance of time-critical shipping and the various challenges a delayed or failed shipment can create. You’ll also read about how one national lab improved shipping transparency and efficiency which led to fewer delays, an increase in patient satisfaction, and ultimately success. 

How Your Parcel Shipments Get Misrouted

As more businesses ship goods around the globe, there is a major concern over misrouting. If you are a shipper, the last thing you want is to have your shipments misrouted. This means your customers will have to wait longer for the error to be rectified.  This can lead to a bad reputation in your industry and a loss of business.

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