Differentiating Leading Versus Lagging Indicators In Logistics

Having the ability to track time-critical shipment is a necessary asset for most companies. Knowing where you aviation part is while your plane is grounded or having the ability to staff lab technicians to accurately meet specimen shipments being delivered to the hospital is an easy way to reduce operational costs and better schedule daily tasks. Currently, there are two ways to track time time-critical shipments: 1) a traditional method using lagging indicators and 2) a tech-enabled method using leading indicators.

How To Dispatch Drivers Under 2-Minutes

When you are in an emergency situation and dial 911, how soon the emergency responders start driving to your location is a big deal. However, a lot of things need to take place before that can happen. Should they send a police officer or an EMT? Where should they send them? How many should they send? To avoid making a critical mistake like sending the wrong personnel to the wrong location, emergency services trades time for correctness up front.

Innovative Delivery Solutions for Blood and Human Organ Transport

In no other industry is shipping more critical than in the life sciences field where shipments of blood, tissue, or organs can often mean the life or death of a patient. It is imperative for hospitals and clinics that deal with these types of shipments to work with a shipping company that has cutting-edge technology for added visibility into where the package is at all time.


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