Using Technology to Ship Aviation Parts

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a common term used in shipping aviation components. Whenever an aircraft is declared AOG, it simply means it has encountered a serious problem that hinders the plane from getting to the sky or running as expected.

When an Aircraft on Ground occurs, it can mean flight delays and cancellations which can cost up to $150,000 per hour. In order to avoid such inconveniences, airline companies need a reliable shipper that can deliver the parts for fixing their planes fast.

Air cargo is considered the fastest and most reliable means of transport by shipping companies and individual travelers. However, there are several other factors that can make air cargo a bit tricky unless they have the necessary technological support.

Can the piece fit in the cargo hold of a plane?

Is the piece considered a Dangerous Goods?

Is it faster or more cost effective to Hostshot the cargo rather than fly it?

These are all questions that must be asked whenever routing important aviation parts. Technology has made Next Flight Out Shipping quite efficient in many ways.  

Emerging technology has changed the way logistics operates in the modern day

Technologies such as algorithms can be used to optimize routes for faster recovery and delivery times or sensors can be used in monitoring cargo to verify its location.

Routing cargo is process that involves having multiple avenues of moving that freight, knowing what the standard operating hours of individual airports are, how weather and traffic effects the path, alongside other variables. By using technology to route cargo, tech-enabled, time critical logistics companies can ensure they are accounting for every variable. This verifies that the route chosen will be the optimized route for that specific delivery.

Using technology, time critical logistics companies are able to route cargo based off weight, dimensions and commodity first. This means, if the cargo is considered Dangerous Goods, the system knows the package will need a larger window to tender to an airline. Or, if the cargo is too wide or heavy to be flown, it will optimize the route as a Hotshot delivery. A Hotshot is a dedicated drive from pickup to destination.

Learn more about routing Hotshot deliveries.

Through the use of technology, shipping companies can now ensure that multiple Aviation parts shipments are delivered at the same time.

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