VIDEO: Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose Airspace

At Airspace, our goal is to provide transportation for time-critical and precious packages as quickly and efficiently as possible from virtually anywhere around the globe. With our customers’ needs in mind, we break the status quo of industry standards through our proprietary technology, faster delivery times, and our transparent and communicative process. In this piece, we walk through the top reasons customers continue to choose Airspace as their go-to time-critical logistics service.

Why Choose Airspace?

The decision-making process for selecting a shipping service can be difficult, but Airspace makes it easy. We focus on real-time communication and notifications, expedited processes, and more, to ensure your important shipments are always delivered on-time and without delay. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Airspace:


1. Life-Saving Technology

By introducing technology to an antiquated logistics industry, Airspace has transformed the way time-sensitive and valuable items are shipped. We built an industry-first, automated solution through our proprietary software application. Our award-winning platform is the only technology that provides stakeholders automatic quoting, routing, and real-time notifications. The traditional model of quoting and routing packages can take up to 30 to 40 minutes, whereas our platform gives you that information in a matter of seconds, in addition to automatic route updates if you change the destination of a package.

We understand that failure isn’t an option. From organs for transplant to COVID-19 tests, we focus on time-critical shipments because they matter the most and can help save lives. We have looked at all the ways people interact with a shipment and use technology to streamline the process. By doing this, we remove human error and minimize predictable defects that can cause a delay in a critical shipment.

2. Customer-Minded

We aim to exceed shipping expectations with our technology and customer-first mentality. We pair our technology with our dedicated support team that works around the clock to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time. Get ultimate peace of mind knowing that if there is ever a problem with your shipment, our team is always available to assist you no matter the time or place.

Built to keep all customers up to date on their shipment route from start to finish, customers have the control to redirect a route and change the destination location. By using our services, customers gain direct access to experienced, compliant drivers, and real-time notifications which creates a more transparent marketplace.


3. Transparency and Communication

Our mission is to make shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than it has ever been. How do we achieve this? Open communication with our customers, drivers, and commanders.

At Airspace, our customers have the same visibility as our operations team. Through our real-time notifications, they will see their shipment through every stage of the process. Proactive notifications will notify the client of the route once it is calculated, where the driver or plane is and helps us at Airspace anticipate and prevent errors that could occur. Receive an email or text message every time the package switches hands, for ultimate transparency!

If you’re looking to revolutionize your company and the way you send and receive precious, time-critical items, Airspace is the solution for you. See us in action by checking out the video below!


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