Weather Got You Down? Can't Relate...

Yes, there’s going to be weather

In shipping, delays due to the winter freezes or spring storms are normal and completely understandable. But, what happens when you are shipping a kidney instead of the shorts you ordered?

Time-critical shipping is exactly what it sounds like: time is critical. There are so many potential factors that could inhibit even the most time-critical of shipments. Weather is a very large, important, and inevitable factor. As we all know, we can't control the weather; so how do logistics companies get you shipments in a hurricane or a blizzard?

Airspace has it covered

At Airspace, I am proud to say that we have multiple ways of handling the weather. Anytime there is a risk of delays with your shipment, an email notification is triggered and sent out to our customers immediately. Even if the weather doesn't end up affecting the shipping time, you still have that information. If there is delayed shipping due to weather, our machine learning takes into account canceled flights and reroutes the package immediately to still keep the shipment on the fastest route possible.

Snowstorm in Denver? Our automated, intelligent systems instantly vet out Dallas or another hub as an alternative. At the same time, our systems are adjusting delivery schedules and route maps for drivers, with proactive notifications going out to everybody in the chain, from customers up to management.

All the proactive information we provide also helps our customers make decisions. Maybe the hospital decides to use a different mode of transportation, rather than have it potentially delayed one way. We work with customers to ensure they have the most current information so they can make the best decisions.

In short, there are a lot of moving parts in our business. Weather is an important one, but only one. Our key is using technology to anticipate and adjust, thus minimizing or eliminating delays.

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