What Could You Be Making In Your Free Time?

Through the adoption of mobile technology, Americans are finding new, creative ways to use their free time to generate revenue. If you have ever wanted to make more money per week or start generating revenue during your free time then you have probably researched driving for Uber, Lyft or renting out unused rooms on Airbnb.

These app-based platforms claims independant workers can make extraordinary amounts of money by utilizing services and aren’t shy when it comes to listing all the benefits for working with them, but companies like Airspace Technologies, Uber, and Airbnb have made it easy for everyday people to make an extra buck on their freetime. Let’s see how they really stack when comparing them to each other.

  1. Airbnb: $924/$440*
  2. Airspace Technologies: $743.92/$244.70
  3. TaskRabbit: $380/$110*
  4. Lyft: $377/$210*
  5. Uber: $364/$155*
  6. Doordash: $229/$100*
  7. Postmates: $174/$70*
  8. Etsy: $151/$40*
  9. Fiverr: $103/$60*
  10. Getaround: $98/$70*

When looking at the data alone, not all of the platforms stack up and Airbnb is the highest on average at $924, but only 10% of their 2.1 million users make more than 2,000 per month. With this said, Airbnb revolves around renting out unused rooms or houses for income. This is a service that cannot be utilized by everyone and having a stranger staying in your guest room doesn’t always sound appealing, does it?

Many of these platforms revolve around transporting goods and people as a service. They often follow the moto: drive where you want, when you want. Airspace Technologies offers the highest average pay per month of all the ride sharing or courier services at $743.92 while only offering the transportation of goods. On average, 22% of Airspace drivers make over $1,000 per month. When comparing these numbers with other courier based, money generation platforms, independent drivers will make 48% more on average than drivers for Uber or Lyft.

Drive With Airspace As A Commander



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