What Does It Mean If Your Courier Loses Your Package?

Lost packages in the courier service are very common. Though people tend to have a perception that their company is responsible for all the missing parcels, customers are usually the leading cause of almost these problems. Though your courier may use shipping software to reduce these cases, some situations are simply out of their control.  Next time your package goes missing, consider these reasons.

Detached Labels

When your courier service fails to glue your package labels on well, they may get separated from the package. This makes it tricky to trace your parcel, and in most cases, your courier service will not deliver the package and instead return it to the shipping company. Label detachment is common in expedited deliveries which require quick turnaround time.

Wrong Shipping Address

Due to limited time, most clients who use time critical shipment services have increased chances of giving wrong addresses. Typically, your courier service will deliver all packages to the provided destination addresses provided by the client. Since your shipping company is not in a position to detect these mistakes, you will lose your package if the address is incorrect.

Though your firm may attempt to trace back these missing deliveries, the process is time-consuming and costly.

When placing urgent shipping orders, using NFO courier service is highly recommended. This gives you time to confirm your addresses and also meet your client’s same-day deliver needs. Though you may be required to pay more for the service, the cost will be lower than tracking your lost package.

Incorrect Labeling

Courier companies that use manual labeling methods may end up sticking the label to the wrong box unknowingly. Before they realize it, it will be too late. Businesses should rely on courier services which have automated their services and you the opportunity to track NFO deliveries. When the package code they send to you does not match your kit, you can get back to them and claim compensation.

Shipping Customs

Before your courier service successfully ships your package, it has to have met all your state’s shipping requirements. Failure to comply with these rules results in your packages being held by the clearing and forwarding companies. In these cases, your courier company may not tell you that your packages are being held on the way due to their non-compliance. If you are using tracking software to track your parcel, you can contact the company to find out what caused the delay.

In some cases, your package may not have actually been lost. Most door-to-door package deliveries are returned to the company when the courier driver does not find anyone to receive them. Instead of leaving your package, they may use a sticker or drop a note at your doorstep. Looking for any notifications is always recommended before you declare your package lost.

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