What is a Direct To Driver Model?

Direct to driver model refers to dealing directly with the courier provider and not a middleman. When heavily involved in time-critical shipments, utilizing the direct to driver model can save time and money. 

Over the last few years, many time-critical clients are increasingly using a direct-to-driver delivery model as an alternative to traditional 3PLs and agency partners. A direct-to-driver delivery model establishes a “closed loop” network from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the destination.

Speed is the name of the game in today’s shipping landscape.

How quickly products are needed from manufacturers depends on a myriad of factors: consumer preference, emergency situations, or shelf life just to name a few.

When dealing with these critical shipments, having a dedicated transportation system is vitial to ensuring the product will be delivered as fast as possible. 

The Airspace Way

Airspace Technologies utilizes a Direct To Driver model for two main reasons: speed and visibility. Every Airsapce driver is dispatched through the our proprietary driver mobile app. 

By removing the game of telephone in the traditional shipping model, Airspace is able to achieve a 2 min. average dispatch time. That is on average 15 times faster than a traditional 3PL. Learn more about how Airspace Technologies achieved a 2 min. dispatch time.

Also, by utilizing gps in each driver's phone, we are able to fully track where are drivers are, when they will be arriving, and re-route potential delays even faster. When placing your next time sensitive shipment ask yourself, do you know where your driver is?



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