What is Next Flight Out Shipping?

Next Flight Out (NFO) shipping is one of the quickest options for sending and receiving cargo today. The concept of NFO is to make sure that you are able to move goods over longer distances faster. The element of speed is one of the main features of NFO and enables people to order and receive cargo over long distances much faster. In order to satisfy the growing customer needs in the time critical logistics industry, service providers have added various features and provisions in NFO.

NFO delivery methods have been around for years and many businesses across the world are using it to facilitate the quick delivery of goods to customers. However, there are key elements that you should look into in order to understand time critical shipping. The following are key factors that have played a major role in defining when to use a time critical provider or next flight out services.

Urgency of Shipping

Whenever you are shipping time critical cargo, you can be assured that using NFO methods will get to the intended destination faster. This is because the transportation of packages is conducted through major commercial airlines. A tech-enabled time critical provider will automate the review the incoming and departing flights from the pickup to delivery destination and optimize the route based around cost and speed. The emphasis on speed that is experienced with next flight out shipping continues to attract more businesses. While most businesses would rather use a less costly option to route their freight, when time is of the essence, having a time critical logistics provider can save thousands of dollars operationally. This is one of the reasons NFO will continue to present greater competition to other logistics services into the future.

A downed aircraft can cost upwards of $150,000 / hr.


Today, there are sophisticated but easy-to-use time critical software options that have enabled customers to easily access the services while routing next flight out shipments. Through the advancement of APIs and other technologies, next flight out shipping is now readily available to customers online. One of the reasons NFO has been able to steadily compete with other shipping services is the Internet, which is expected to continue shaping the industry in years to come.




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