What Mobile Means for NFO Shipping

As with many industries that are gradually integrating technology to keep up with the changing market, the shipping industry has not been left behind. Many companies invest in mobile applications in order to get better results while using less effort and funds to achieve their goals. The main focus of applications on smart phones and mobile devices is to offer B2B NFO shipping assistance to so that they can easily book shipments, track packages, control expenses, and find carrier companies or truckers that are reliable. Fortunately, the embrace of mobile technology also benefits customers as the majority of the applications available are designed with them in mind.

Due to the changes they’ve brought to the freight industry, the need for mobile apps in NFO shipping can no longer be denied. Many companies have adopted the use of applications to offer better service to their customers. Newer options are also being established to offer an alternative to trucking companies that are looking to outsource the service for the benefit of clients. Some of the positive changes that the use of mobile applications brings to NFO services and the industry at large include:

Faster Location of Drivers

The use of mobile apps has made it easier to find drivers locally and monitor their location as they work on assignments for customers. It is now easier to locate a carrier that is closest to a customer and direct them to the warehouse within a short time period. The driver accepts the job by responding to information sent on the application, and a notification is sent to the shipper that a driver is on the way.

Real-time Tracking of Cargo

As soon as the cargo has been picked up, shippers can easily track NFO shipments to prevent incidences of theft or damage using their mobile phones. The mobile phone allows shippers to locate their cargo and review its progress as well as any details regarding the transportation.

Availability of Traffic Information for Drivers

On-demand shipping relies heavily on the ability of a driver to get various cargos to their destination within the shortest time possible. The use of mobile apps in next flight out shipping has made it much easier for drivers as they can access traffic information online and use it to determine the fastest route to their destination.

Easier Fleet Management

On-demand shipping typically relies on “freelance” drivers to offer their services when needed and it is important that they are managed well. Mobile apps have made the process much easier as it gathers personal information about the drivers and builds a database that can be referenced in the future.

Overall, the advancement of mobile app usage in NFO shipping brings with it positive changes that, when executed well, will be advantageous for the industry.



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