What To Expect From The 3PL Summit

Typically, when I am attending an event, I spend weeks leading up to it pursuing the agenda to generalize how the atmosphere will feel. Later this week, I will be attending the 3PL Summit in Atlanta. When looking at the keynotes, topics, and keywords associated with the exhibitors, four words come up repeatedly: distribution, transformation, expectation, and digitalization.

I could write for hours on any four of those words, but let's talk about what they mean when they are combined into two simple sentences.

The digitalization of their daily lives had forever changed customer expectations. This is causing a massive disruption in the way logistics companies conduct business.

In the world of the new consumer, only those who transform their practices will survive the growing customer expectations, but more importantly, they will retain their employees.

Among the leaders of the industry, I’m incredibly excited to hear what Cindy Miller (President of Freight Forwarding UPS) is going to share during her keynote. You may remember an article she wrote last year “A winning Formula for Freight Forwarding." In it, she talks about how disruption can be positive for the workforce. There isn’t a better way to put it. We are all thinking about disruption, some are dreading, and many of us are hoping to achieve it. 


“Disruption is a bad thing if somebody does it to you. It’s a perfect thing if you do it to yourself”
- Cindy Miller, President of Freight Forwarding UPS

There are multiple ways to disrupt, and one can take over the industry by exposing poor practices, one can re-create for cheaper, or for better functionality, or for more appealing aesthetics. But how do you innovate, and become the disruptor? How do you make sure your industry is being disrupted by you, instead of you by your industry? 

To start you need to encourage alternative thinking, “failing forward,” and taking the road less (or never) traveled, comes with a cost of time. Some companies disrupt industries, and some, like Airspace, seek to enable enterprises to disrupt themselves. 

We provide a service that has been around for decades, but we enhanced that service through technology adoption. By introducing technology to the time-critical logistics space, we offer our customers faster delivery times, more transparency, and a more extensive network of coverage.

We have found our disruptor, and it is giving time back to others. We know our customers have better things to be doing than checking the location of their packages, for that matter so do we, but we’ve made it possible for neither us nor our customers to use any of our time to maintain complete transparency of every step of every shipment every day. 

Want to see how?


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