What to Expect From Your Logistics Provider During COVID-19

Today more than ever, logistics is vital. During this COVID-19 crisis, time-critical shipping isn't going to just stop. Your shipments still need to be handled correctly. Through working in the industry for so many years, I have seen the following as consistent pillars of conversation. 

Non-standard Support

The health sector deals with emergency cases every day. Even more so with the quick spread of COVID-19. The industry heavily relies on time-critical shipments- for ventilators, tests, and specimen sent to labs. Since no one can determine in advance when emergencies will occur or outbreaks will happen, placing an order and having it delivered within hours is critical. By automating their logistics process, healthcare facilities can manage the increased workload from a cloud-based platform for time-critical shipments. They can also keep track of their cargo by receiving real-time data throughout the delivery. Tesla, 3M, and LVMH have shifted their standard work to support those in need during this time. Companies like these are doing great things to support people in need and more need to follow suit.

Complete Transparency and Communication

With the slashing of transportation routes, transparency and communication is crucial. Through the use of APIs you can get critical information, in real-time, on your laptop, your desktop, your phone, your handheld device … pretty much anything except a chalkboard. The same goes for how Airspace communicates with Commanders. We can send information to them through Airspace's mobile app, without even having to speak to them on the phone. Systematic routing is also vital to the operations at Airspace. We are integrated with the airlines, meaning that we have up to the minute routing instruction in real-time! There is no guessing if a flight or route has been changed; you know right when it happens.

On Airspaces proprietary platform, customers can track where their package is within a 3-foot radius at all times on a map as well as sending updates when your package is 10 miles,  5 miles, or 1 mile away. Lastly, through the Coronavirus crisis, daily updates are necessary. We want to keep you updated and prepared with whatever your shipment may face that day. 

A Flexible but Stable Solution

Consistency in the workload is key. By using a proprietary cloud based platform, Airspace was able transition to a safer-at-home model without having any operational hiccups. Though Airspace has transitioned our workload to better support the changing conditions of our customers and the market, rates will not be increased or have an up-charge. The Airspace platform was built to support industries in a crisis like we are in today. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, it is crucial that we all stick together and support each other, not take advantage of the circumstances.

During this time of the Coronavirus crisis, peace of mind is critical; and Airspace Technologies is here to provide it 24/7.

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