Who Can Benefit from the Visibility of Shipments in Transit?

Visibility in any supply chain is vital. Every manufacturer is working tirelessly to maintain good supply chain management services for secure tracking and visibility. Visibility lowers risks, saves money, improves customer satisfaction, improves service delivery, and streamlines transportation services. Visibility in logistics can benefit various types of groups, including the following:  

Healthcare Industry

The health sector deals with emergency cases every day. The industry also relies on time-critical shipments. Since they cannot determine in advance when emergencies will occur, placing their orders and receiving them on the same day is critical. By automating their systems, healthcare facilities can take advantage of the supply chain management software for time critical shipments to place their orders. They can also keep track of their freight by receiving real-time data on the dispatch time and their cargo delivery window.

Commercial Airlines

When it comes to the importance of supply chain visibility, commercial airlines are no exception. Through automation of their services and adequate utilization of AOG supply chain software, carriers can receive real-time information on any urgent deliveries. By using internet of things-enabled devices, they can also keep track of the planes when they are in the air. Through visibility and tracking of the freights, airlines can prevent any mishaps from occurring.

Carriers can also establish a strong client base by ensuring that the needs of their customers are met. When critical deliveries are made and time does not allow customers to catch the plane, they can opt for other delivery methods like NFO. Regardless of the geographic location of the client, visibility helps in simplifying next flight out shipments by updating their customers of any downtime or maintenance procedures. This keeps them updated and allow them to consider other shipping alternatives from commercial airlines.

Semiconductor Industry

Businesses in the semiconductor industry can also benefit from visibility in their time critical semiconductor deliveries. By taking advantage of technological advancements in the sector to enhance easy tracking, businesses can meet strict delivery deadlines and strengthen customer loyalty.  

In any industry supply chain, visibility plays a tremendous role in maintaining positive end-to-end communication. Businesses that have introduced the aspect of visibility in their operations enjoy huge benefits.



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