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Software Features

Reinventing logistics


At Airspace, we’ve changed how logistics works. Airspace streamlined the transportation process because we understand that failure is not an option. By adding technology to an antiquated industry, we provide shippers direct access to experienced, compliant drivers creating a transparent marketplace for real-time, critical shipping.

From organs for transplant to aircraft on ground (AOG) parts that can cause delays for thousands across the nation, we focus on time-critical shipments because they matter most.

Delivering aviation parts, equipment or machinery across the nation while providing real-time, data-driven notifications.
Transporting medical specimen, devices, or routed laboratory collection through experienced, compliant drivers.
Powering some of the largest forwarders in the world by offering white label solutions to keep their stakeholders informed in real-time.
High Tech

Utilizing our proprietary technology for technicians for direct visibility to their shipment's location in real-time from any device.