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Digitize Your Last Mile

Control and visibility:

Every region

Every driver

Every delivery

Track and monitor your deliveries in real-time while evolving last-mile operations. Optimize regional spend for 1099 drivers, W2 drivers, and On-Demand orders like never before.

Optimize Regional Spend

Maximize your budget efficiency and reduce operational costs with our platform's intelligent spend optimization tools, tailored for the unique needs of medical device logistics.


Unify Data & Reporting Across Regions

Achieve unparalleled visibility and coordination by unifying your logistics data across all regions, ensuring seamless operations and decision-making for medical device deliveries.


Track & Manage Driver Performance

Enhance your driver management with actionable insights into time on site, mileage, and comprehensive driver scorecards, ensuring peak efficiency and accountability in case deliveries.


Efficiently Route and Monitor Case Delivery

Leverage our AI-powered routing to intelligently align case deliveries with the order placer’s preferences, ensuring each surgical material reaches its destination through the most efficient and preferred pathways.


Instantaneous, optimal routes with AI and auto-dispatch

By calculating millions of routes in a matter of seconds, our platform dispatches the optimal driver based on location and routing requirements, then monitors for potential delays to help our team eliminate them before they occur.

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How we do it

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Fleet Management

Our advanced fleet management solutions empower you to seamlessly manage both third-party and in-house drivers. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we offer route optimization that ensures the fastest and most cost-effective delivery paths. Our system not only maximizes efficiency but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing unnecessary mileage.



Case Assignment

Efficiency in case allocation is paramount. Our platform intelligently assigns cases based on numerous factors, including urgency, location, and driver availability, coupled with in-depth, case-level reporting for unparalleled transparency and control over your logistics operations.



Regional Cost Management

Understanding and managing regional logistics cost is essential for optimizing operations. Our platform offers detailed insights into volume and spend by region, enabling strategic decision-making that can significantly reduce costs and improve service levels.

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Driver Scorecards

By evaluating performance based on several key metrics, we help you maintain a fleet of top-tier drivers committed to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Airspace?

In the fast-paced world of Medical Device logistics, there's no room for error. That's why industry leaders trust Airspace to handle their logistics needs.
Seamless Integration

API & EDI integrations with your existing tech

The benefits of the platform are also available via API and EDI integrations. Get the benefits of intelligent routes, and real-time notifications without shifting your team to a new workflow.

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One team, platform and network, focused on you

Our team of logistics experts constantly monitor real-time data from our global network of drivers, agents, and airlines to proactively solve challenges and keep you informed.

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