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Solutions for all your
time-critical shipments

Get visibility into all of your shipments in one centralized platform with seamless reporting no matter your industry.


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Logistics services that fit your needs

Airspace can help with all your urgent shipments, no matter the industry or complexity.



Next flight out

When next-day service isn’t fast enough, get your domestic or international shipment on the Next Flight Out (NFO). Our NFO service is the absolute fastest way to ship commercially over a large area based on technology-driven routing.



On-demand ground

Our typical on-demand ground services are perfect for shipments that weigh under 100 pounds, regardless of the industry.




For the highest level of care, we use charter services to guarantee your shipment arrives on-time without the fear of multiple touch points. Chartering a plane saves time, guarantees delivery, is more convenient, and is the ultimate private shipping experience.



On-board courier

We offer both on-board courier and on-board carry for you most time-critical shipments. Whether it’s a crucial medical delivery or the latest prototype technology, we know how important it is to get your shipment there on time.



Dangerous goods

We specialize in handling and delivering hazardous materials. 



Cold chain

We transport temperature-sensitive shipments with the utmost care and provide you with total visibility to ensure the integrity of your critical shipment.

Time-critical freight

Ship anything

Airspace has your larger-than-parcel and palletized needs covered with instant quoting up to 10,000 lbs, vehicle and special equipment selection, an on-app freight driver network, an experienced team of operators, and flexible pricing options.

Global Shipping

Ship anywhere

Airspace's global reach and strategic partners help us handle NFO, charter, and ground expedited shipments around the world including to and from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia to core production plants.


Sequence your route

Get multiple packages dropped off in your ideal sequence, exactly where you need them.


Ship on your schedule

Do you have shipments ready for daily pickup? Our technology pinpoints the most optimal driver for you, and gives you real-time updates for ultimate visibility. Leave all the details to us while we transport your shipment safely to its destination.

Complex Needs

Ship however you need it

Select exactly what equipment will be needed for your large-scale shipment through the Airspace platform, see what it means for your route in an instant quote, and get peace of mind.

Every Industry

We work on solutions for your industry

 A | solutions - industry icon - aerospace     Aerospace & Defense  
 A | solutions - industry icon - aerospace     Aerospace & Defense  

Airspace's seasoned team ships thousands of urgent shipments for OEMs, MROs, Commercial and Business Aviation customers including AOG situations, parts supply, tooling and reverse logistics.

A | solutions - industry - aerospace
 A | solutions - industry logo - med     Health Systems & Labs
 A | solutions - industry logo - med     Health Systems & Labs

Airspace creates solutions for complex and urgent health system and lab shipments including blood, blood tests, lab samples, pharmaceuticals, hospital equipment and vaccines.

A | solutions - industry - med
 A | solutions - industry logo - life scie     Life Sciences
 A | solutions - industry logo - life scie     Life Sciences

Airspace ships organs, tissue, IVF, animal IVF, cell and gene therapies, pharmaceuticals, and more.

A | solutions - industry - life scie
 A | solutions - industry logo - high tech semi     High-Tech & Semiconductor
 A | solutions - industry logo - high tech semi     High-Tech & Semiconductor

Airspace ships parts for maintenance and repair in machine-down situations, fabrication tools, prototypes, and sensitive goods for evaluation & testing.

A | solutions - industry - high tech semi
 A | solutions - industry logo - manuf and auto     Manufacturing & Automotive
 A | solutions - industry logo - manuf and auto     Manufacturing & Automotive

Airspace ships critical construction materials, robotic equipment, and inbound/outbound manufacturing products.

A | solutions - industry - manuf and auto
Airspace Network

The fastest supply network with global reach

Our proprietary network of Airspace independent contractors (Commanders and Copilots) and agent partners give us complete coverage throughout the United States and more. Commanders and copilots actually utilize the Airspace Driver App (its true!), providing you with ultra-fast time-to-pickup and real-time visibility.


A team with decades of experience

The Airspace leadership team brings over 50 years of operational experience, and our frontline operators are industry experts as well. Our platform gives industry veterans the tools they need to eliminate manual tasks like dispatching and flight booking, giving them more time to focus on your shipments and to prevent unforeseen problems before they arise.

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