Airspace / Aerospace


When an aircraft is in need of a critical part, we provide real-time tracking and the fastest delivery times to help you get moving again.

Airspace / Aerospace

Leading the Way For Our Aerospace Customers

We know how important it is to provide fast, reliable, and transparent shipping for all your aerospace deliveries. And that’s why we do it.


When passengers are waiting because your plane is grounded, not only are you losing money, but your reputation is on the line.

You need speed, transparency, and communication you can count on.

Air Ambulance

When you’ve got an aircraft on the ground and a patient’s well-being to consider, optimized routing and rapid dispatch get you back in the air faster.

Track your parts delivery on the road or in the air down to the minute so your technician can plan accordingly.

Charter Aircrafts

Unpredictable schedules and far flung destinations can make an aircraft on ground (AOG) emergency especially stressful.

What if you could get your parts faster, with less hassle?


Transparency and communication are crucial for efficient manufacturing and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations. Technician standing by?

GPS tracking and geofencing provide unmatched visibility until your part is in their hands.

Airspace / Aerospace

Our Transparent Delivery Network

Airspace makes shipping faster, safer, and more transparent than ever before through people, service, and technology. Our network of drivers ensure that your shipment is handled with care and delivered when you need it. 

Airspace /AirTrace

The Device You Need for Complete Visibility  

Introducing AirTrace™: The first and only disposable tracking device that seamlessly integrates directly with the Airspace platform. Clients can track the exact location, temperature, humidity, shock and light exposure of their most critical shipments in real-time.

Aerospace customers know how critical each shipment is and need complete visibility into each order. With AirTrace, rest assured that your shipment is properly monitored throughout transport and receive a detailed report every time.

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How Do We Do It?

Remove Human Error


The platform removes human error by verifying the correct package is in transit through on-asset tracking, route options, and automating airway bills.

On-Asset Tracking


Proprietary on-asset tracking tools verify that
the package is always where it is supposed to be. Through the platform, all stakeholders can be notified of any delays or major milestone changes.

Automatic Quoting


When placing an order online, our patented
technology provides real-time quotes based
on optimal routing and digital tariffs.

Fast shipping, smart tracking

Turn to Airspace for all your time-critical shipping needs and experience the difference that patented technology, complete transparency, and dedicated service provides.