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Airspace Platform

The patented Airspace shipping platform is our secret weapon. It's what helps us meet, and in many cases beat, our quoted delivery times.

Our custom, enterprise solution can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. And with options such as the most economical, fastest or most sustainable shipping routes, we work with our vast network of drivers and airline partners to offer an unmatched shipping experience.

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Fast Shipping, Full Visibility 

What does patented technology mean for you? Faster shipping, better accuracy, and full transparency, backed by unmatched service and issue resolution.

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Explore Our Technology

Our technology allows us to simplify and expedite the shipping process with the industry’s fastest routing, quoting, and driver-dispatching times.

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No More Guessing

You no longer have to question the cost of a shipment, when it will arrive, or where it is. The algorithms are complicated, but the results are simple. Get a price, quote, and delivery time within seconds of placing your order. No guesswork required, and no unpleasant surprises.

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Unrivaled Speed

While others rely on phone calls and emails to coordinate an order, our intelligent platform optimizes every step of the process. Auto routing and direct dispatch get your driver on the road in minutes to speed up the entire delivery process by an average of 2 hours per order.

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Dispatching the Best Driver

Our technology makes sure the optimal driver is dispatched, arrives on time, and picks up the right piece at the right time. The Airspace algorithm automatically dispatches the driver with the best track record for your order in around 3 minutes (near major airports) — less than half the industry average.

Machine learning solves two of the biggest problems in time critical shipping: routing and dispatch. If you’re not using machine learning as an international freight forwarder, you’re not finding a true optimum in terms of path.

Ryan Rusnak
Airspace CTO & Co-Founder

Airspace's expertise and knowledge of current logistical operations within the airline industry has established them as the leader in the supply chain... Their advanced capabilities, in the field of cargo tracking, allow them to understand the nuances of today's movement control, maintain 100% visibility and oversee the most complex shipments. Airspace is our go to courier provider for movement operations.

Michael Chipman
AOG Materials Manager, Frontier
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Real-Time Tracking

Get complete visibility into your shipment’s location down to a 3-foot radius. Follow your driver on a map every inch of the way, as easy as you’d track a rideshare. GPS, geofencing, and customizable alerts keep your entire team in the know without ever having to pick up the phone.

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Real-Time Analytics

Airspace Insights is an analytics and reporting tool that provides our customers with tools to track key metrics across performance and order detail. The offering is tailored to each customer to ensure they have the appropriate data for their business need.

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Unmatched Issue Resolution

It does you no good to learn about an issue after there’s a delay. By then, it’s too late. Airspace’s dedicated team monitors your shipment from pickup through delivery. Powerful machine learning predicts delays before they occur so our team can solve problems proactively before your shipment is delayed.

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Faster Reaction Time

Delays caused by weather and traffic are inevitable. How quickly your logistics partner responds makes all the difference. Flight delayed? Canceled? Diverted? Airspace is on it. Our team solves air travel issues up to 51% faster than the industry average.

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Fail-Proof Parcel Handling

You no longer have to worry about your driver picking up the right piece at the right time. Our scannable tracking system makes it impossible for a driver to pick up the wrong item, whether we’re picking up from an individual or a warehouse. Use Airspace labels, or we’ll validate the package with your unique identifiers. It’s peace of mind for parcel pickup and delivery.

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Minimize Delays

One in three time-critical shipments is delayed. Airspace was built to solve this problem. Between our leading-edge technology and dedicated support team, we remove human error from the equation and provide accurate information throughout the delivery process to eliminate costly delays.

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Scale Without Stress

Our platform makes it simple to scale, and your dedicated team will support you every step of the way. From customized solutions to streamlined processing, Airspace is ready to grow with you and support your expansion with the resources you need.