Avoid delays and receive unmatched visibility for your time-critical healthcare shipments.


When seconds matter — trust Airspace.

Airspace specializes in time-critical shipments. Our clients trust our transparency, urgency, and accuracy with every shipment. We have successfully transported thousands of organs, medical specimens, life-saving equipment, and critical laboratory materials throughout the world.

OPO & Medical Specimen

Communication and real-time visibility can be a matter of life and death.

Track exactly where your OPO or medical specimen shipment is every step of the way for priceless peace of mind.

Hospitals & Laboratories

We protect the viability of every specimen we transport, whether a surgery patient needs a unique blood platelet or a new mom awaits a treatment-dependent diagnosis.

Need a sample tested within three hours? We’re on it.

Get an immediate quote and a driver dispatched in minutes. 


Poised to be first-to-market? You can’t afford a logistics delay.

A sample that goes missing or loses viability can have devastating consequences.

Protect clinical trial and research samples with secure cold-chain shipping that gets there faster. 

Medical Devices & Implants

When a critical medical device or implant needs to arrive in time for a scheduled surgery, you need a logistics partner that can deliver an accurate quote in seconds.

Get the best driver moving on the fastest route in less than two minutes.

Cell & Gene

Monitoring temperature, motion, and shake is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tracking cold-chain shipments.

Following the correct protocols for air travel is just as important as knowing exactly where your package is at all times. 

Airspace / AirTrace

Visibility Throughout Transport

Introducing AirTrace™: The first and only disposable tracking device that seamlessly integrates directly with the Airspace platform. Clients can track the exact location, temperature, humidity, shock and light exposure of their most critical shipments in real-time.

Healthcare customers can be reassured that their time-critical shipment is being monitored and reported on, resulting in the highest level of shipping visibility.

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How Do We Do It?

On-Asset Tracking

Through experienced, compliant drivers, Airspace
provides organ procurement organizations (OPOs)
and blood/tissue banks complete visibility into
their shipment's location.

Real-Time Notifications

Inform technicians, hospital staff, or any other
required stakeholders of where the shipment
is currently located using real-time,
data-driven notifications.

Dynamic Workflows

Acquire real-time data from the field utilizing
customer-specific workflows. Our system
dynamically generates the optimal path for
on-time delivery.

Fast shipping, smart tracking

Experience the difference that patented technology, complete transparency, and dedicated service provides.