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Whether your shipment is transported by ground or air, it's always met with speed, accuracy, and 24/7 support.

Airspace / Our Services

We're On Your Schedule 

We factor in your unique needs and get your shipment there fast. Our patented technology analyzes every important detail: weight, driver coverage, available flights, etc., to provide you the most optimal route and quote within seconds. 

Next Flight Out

When next-day service isn’t fast enough, get your domestic or international shipment on the Next Flight Out (NFO). Our NFO service is the absolute fastest way to ship over a large area based on technology-driven routing.


On-Demand Ground 

Our typical on-demand ground services are perfect for shipments that weigh under 100 pounds, regardless of the industry.


Routed Shipments

Do you have shipments ready for daily pickup? Our technology pinpoints the most optimal driver for you, and gives you real-time updates for ultimate visibility. Leave all the details to us while we transport your shipment safely to its destination. 


For the highest level of care, we use charter services to guarantee your shipment arrives on-time without the fear of multiple touch points. Chartering a plane saves time, guarantees delivery, is more convenient, and is the ultimate private shipping experience. 


If your shipment requires special attention due to weight or length requirements, we are here for you with freight services for all heavyweight shipments.


Airspace is international. Servicing clients throughout Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia – and expanding daily – our knowledgeable team understands the ins and outs of customs clearance, and our technology ensures your shipment arrives on-time, even overseas.

On-Board Courier

Our on-board courier service is the perfect solution to expedite your time-critical shipments. Whether it’s a crucial medical delivery, or the latest prototype technology, we know how important it is to get your shipment there on time.

Cold Chain

We transport temperature-sensitive shipments with the utmost care and provide you with total visibility to ensure the integrity of your critical shipment.

Dangerous Goods

We specialize in handling and delivering hazardous materials. We minimize your risk by using our AI-powered platform to choose the best route and optimal driver for your shipment every time. 

Airspace / our services

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Airspace offers a number of services to fit your unique shipping needs. See how we can help you get your time-critical shipment there faster.

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