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Our Dedicated Team

For every shipment we handle, we pair our patented technology with a personal touch.

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Your Shipment Matters

Customer service gets a bad rap in logistics, thanks to a lack of communication, information and, let’s be honest, care. We’ve changed that. Our technology empowers our passionate people to focus on what really matters: your shipment. Airspace’s platform may lead the industry, but it’s our people who make the biggest difference.

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We Anticipate and Eliminate Delays

How does leading-edge technology empower our service team? In a word, data. And lots of it. Based on historical data, potential delays and service failures are flagged so your dedicated team can prevent issues before they occur. Proactive problem solving keeps your shipment on time, every time.


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We Solve Problems Faster

There are some things even computers can’t fix: weather, accidents, flight delays. Which is why one in three time-critical shipments are delayed. The difference lies in how fast these issues are addressed. When a flight is canceled, diverted, or delayed due to a non-weather related issue, our team solves the problem up to 51% faster than the industry average.

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Our Team Cares

Our people know exactly how high the stakes are for time-critical shipments. We treat every delivery like it contains a life-saving organ transplant. Our team is invested in your success, and our dedication shows. We're proud to work alongside our customers and thrive on going above and beyond what is expected.

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Clear Communication 

Whether you’re talking to the Operations team about avoiding a potential delay, or working with Customer Success on a customized solution to streamline your shipments, we are in constant communication. Your dedicated team stays in touch from pickup through delivery — and beyond.