airspace-favicon-3 Airspace Rebrand FAQ

Why are we rebranding?

The rebrand from Airspace Technologies to Airspace comes at a time of growth for the company. We’ve set out to be the fastest, most efficient time-critical logistics company in the world, and we are making significant strides to meet our ambitious goals. Our new logo symbolizes how far we have come and allows us to strategically position ourselves for success for years to come.

What is the significance of our rebrand?

As we celebrate our five-year anniversary as a company, our rebrand represents the significant milestones we’ve achieved and aligns with our vision for the future. Airspace has reached new heights from expanding internationally, with a new office in the Netherlands, to being granted an industry-first U.S. patent for our technology, and securing our Series C funding. There’s more to come – and our new brand and logo helps to embody our growth.

What does the rebrand mean for our customers?

We will continue to serve our existing industries and provide solutions to our global customers, while also expanding on services and growing our network reach. Customers can expect the same fast and reliable service, but with a new and modern look! Leading with our proprietary and patented technology, Airspace will continue to introduce new and innovative features to our platform along with updating existing features.

What does the rebrand mean for Commanders?

We will be introducing some new and updated features that will provide an even easier user experience and help make our Commanders’ lives easier. Last year, we happily onboarded over 800 new drivers and our rapid growth will allow us to expand our network reach, providing more opportunities to drive with Airspace.

What does this rebrand mean for our partners?

We are committed to growing our company and building solutions for our customers and partners. Our partners can expect more visibility and insight into the latest technology from Airspace. This increased visibility will also make us and our solutions more accessible to our partners than ever before.

What was the inspiration behind our new logo?

We have been working diligently to rebrand Airspace in order to accurately depict who we are, pay tribute to how we started, and pave the way for the future. This served as the inspiration for our newly updated, modern, and sleek logo. We hope you enjoy the “new” Airspace!